Why should my pet lose weight?

According to recent studies, approximately 50 percent of all American pets are overweight. Obesity is one of the most widespread diseases afflicting our pets. Obesity can aggravate and/or cause arthritis, diabetes, heart disease, and respiratory problems. A recent study also proved that dogs who are kept lean can live several years longer than their overweight counterparts. This is reason enough to keep excess pounds off your best friend! A pound or two can have a huge impact on most pets. You must watch your pet’s diet, exercise and weight. The best way to keep your pet lean is to control your pet’s caloric intake and make sure he gets enough exercise. Cut back gradually on the amount of food your pet is eating, and cut out most of his “treats” throughout the day. Substituting his regular dog kibble for “treats” may help him feel less resentful, but you should not add to his daily ration of food. You can supplement his food with fresh or frozen green beans to help him feel more full at, or between meals. Do not feed your pet people food, which is full of fat, salt and other ingredients that will cause him to gain weight, and could also cause indigestion and diarrhea.